vigourgraphics.com_56883aaAfter booking an appointment with Lockyer Valley Skin Cancer Clinic, you will be provided with a short questionnaire to ascertain some of your risks. You can fill this out in the waiting area.

Wear clothing that is easy to remove and no make-up.  A skin cancer assessment consult will include examination of lesions you are concerned about and a thorough head to toe skin check using special magnifying equipment. There is no pain. At least 15 min appointment is allowed for your appointment. The doctor will take relevant medical and skin cancer history and skin type assessment to determine your risk of skin cancer followed by a comprehensive head to toe skin check. Magnification, dermoscopy and digital photography is used where necessary to assist with the assessment.

If no suspicious lesions are found, an appropriate future recall system will be put into place depending on the assessment of your future risk and your doctor will discuss with you on future skin cancer prevention and awareness.

If suspicious lesions are detected, the doctor will discuss and recommend options for management of the suspicious lesions. This may include digital monitoring, biopsy, excision or non surgical managements.

Dr Usman Khan will undertake skin excisions onsite in a fully equipped minor ops treatment room. The doctors are able to do grafts or flaps where necessary to minimise skin tension or optimise cosmetic results.

You will be fully informed of all procedures, risks and if referrals are required.